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The Whole Growing Season Subscription (12 bouquets over 6 months)

This CSA subscription is for all of the ultimate flower lovers in your life. This subscription offers 12 bi-weekly bouquets starting in Spring, extending through Summer and finishing in the Fall. You will see a little bit of everything with this subscription; tulips, peonies, roses, sunflowers, lilies, and more. A bonus Thanksgiving pumpkin arrangement will be included during the last week of the subscription.


This subscription is scheduled to begin around the end of April/beginning of May and run til Thanksgiving. Exact dates are subject to change due to Mothers Nature making it hard to accurately calculate when plants will begin blooming.

-FREE pickup locations: Tuesdays @ Tart and Soul from 9-3, Thursdays @ Moonlit Meadows in Upper Sackville and Sundays @ Spryfield Farmers Market. If you require delivery, delivery is available on Tuesdays for a fee of $10 per delivery within HRM or $100 for delivery for all 12 bouquets. If you require delivery, just leave a note when you checkout and we will make arrangements.

The Whole Growing Season Subscription (12 bouquets over 6 months)

  • Refunds

    We do not offer refunds. A CSA is about commitment to a local farmer and our commitment to you.  If you have made a purchase and no longer want to receive your share, you can donate your arrangement to a charity or organization of your choice.


    • I agree to arrive at my pick-up location on time or give advanced notification if I am unable to do so. I also understand that the CSA has a tight schedule they must adhere to and that they are unable to wait past designated times.
    • If I am unable to pick-up at the designated time or I do not contact the CSA to make alternate arrangements before my pick-up time the arrangement will be forfeit as a result.
    • If I pick-up from the farm, I agree to come every week on the same day. If I am unable to pick up my arrangement on the designated day or I do not contact the CSA to make alternate arrangements before my scheduled day I agree that my arrangement will be forfeit as a result.
    • I understand that my arrangement is a living, breathing, senescing entity - and that any vase life is not guaranteed on any material or the arrangement as a whole. More information on taking care of your arrangement to ensure the longest possible vase life is available on our website.
    • I understand that the arrangement will be composed of a variety of seasonally available materials and that no specific flowers or colors or varieties can be promised or guaranteed.
    • I understand that none of the arrangements nor the materials therein are intended for edible or topical use. I understand that materials may be irritating or toxic or poisonous if ingested by humans or other animals, and I agree to hold Moonlit Meadows free of liability. If I have any questions, I will ask them as soon as possible.
    • If there is anything that is questionable I will give the CSA the opportunity to make it right by providing me with another available item at no cost to me. We will do our best to answer and address your questions.
    • I understand that by becoming a member I am sharing in the risk and rewards of the growing season. I realize there is an element of unpredictability with pests, disease, weather, acts of god and other unforeseen circumstances that may contribute or detract from the production of materials, and I agree that my arrangements may be subject to these factors. In the event of a catastrophic farm failure, we will do our best to adapt to the situation but there are no guarantees when it comes to farming unfortunately.
    • I will automatically be added to our email list and I promise to stay subscribed to it for as long as I am a paying member of the CSA. It is very important to read the emails since we use it to communicate with you as a customer and to inform you of any changes or updates.
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